How it Works

The Community Action Network (CAN) is a network that breaks down the walls that have been dividing us by connecting residents, neighbourhoods, organisations, and towns.

It’s the modern solution to our shared desire to see our local communities doing better by offering opportunities to be a part of the change or to initiate a new way forward.

Driven by OUTA, this initiative was developed to put the power back into our communities’ hands.

CAN gives organised communities the opportunity to invest in the future they want to see while offering a wealth of resources, guides, and tools that enable them to become effective and vigorous community members. 

CAN unites our collective voice and provides a space for people to explore the limitless potential that lies in community collaboration. Bringing communities together to engage in group initiatives towards improving our lives allows them to challenge local authorities and hold them accountable for the services for which we as residents are regularly and substantially billed.

With an ever-increasing offering available to those who choose become affiliates of CAN as well as great networking opportunities with other like-minded community organisations, this is without a doubt one of the most exciting initiatives in the digital community activism space that South Africa have ever seen.

Want to know more? Why not email us at or visit our Contact us page and drop us a message. Our team will get back to you.