Madibeng GVR 2024


Attention Property Owners in Madibeng Municipality 

Every year we see municipal rates and service charges increase but it is questionable whether service delivery matches the charges.

The Madibeng Municipality is currently finalising its General Valuations Roll 2024 which will be applicable to the financial years of 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2029. This is where the municipality estimates the value of your property and applies the property rates you will pay from July 2024 based on their valuation of your property. 

The roll was opened for comment on 2 April 2024 to 31 May 2024. Madibeng made it clear that they will not accept objections after close of business on 31 May 2024.

Residents must check their properties’ valuations and submit any objections within the provided time frame. It is crucial to note that this is the only opportunity you will get to approve of or object to this new rate.

To access a calculator to work out what your new rates will be click here


  1. Identify your property on the valuation roll and determine the new valuation according to the Municipality by click here. (For ease of access, kindly see the applicable page numbers for your suburb under point 6)
  2. Compare the new value with the current value on your latest Municipality invoice. If the new value has significantly increased, you can object to it to potentially get a reduced value. If you think the new value is fair, you don’t need to do anything. If the value is significantly high and unreasonable and you would like to object, continue with the steps.
  3. Should you wish to object, we recommend you get in touch with a professional property valuer to assist you because you need to prove that your property is in fact lower in value.
  4. To lodge a formal objection with the Municipality, you need to complete an objection form for each individual property which must be returned by hand to the Municipal Offices. Kindly bring along your Section 49 notice when submitting your objection, as this will expedite the submission process. Madibeng said that no form of electronic submission will be accepted.
  5. Please download the applicable form for your objection below:
  1. Form A Residential Property Objection
  2. Form B Business Property Objection
  3. Form C Agricultural Holdings or Farm Objection

Don’t forget!

The Municipality will be processing the municipal budget soon, ready to be implemented on 1 July 2024. This will include increases to all charges.


The intention of this page is to guide citizens and empower them regarding their rights to participate in the local government affairs of Madibeng.

It is recommended that participants make use of an accredited property valuator when lodging an objection to substantiate a legitimate and accurate objection. These professionals should also be able to assist throughout the process of the objection. Please note that OUTA and CAN will not be liable for any financial loss due to the information provided for an unsuccessful objection. 

Note: Property rates are a tax, so it is important that property owners don’t provide misleading or inaccurate information in order to reduce their property value as this may be deemed a criminal offense. OUTA and CAN wants to encourage responsible active citizenry.