What is a Local Community Organisation (LCO)?

An LCO is a community-based organisation that represents the needs of a particular geographically based community. Such organisations are commonly referred to resident and ratepayer associations, business forums or specific interest groups such as conservancies.

I cannot find a Local Community Organisation (LCO) in my neighbourhood. What now?

Just because an association is not using the Community Action Network (CAN) Platform does not mean it does not exist. We encourage you to find and join your local community organisation and once involved, inform them about the benefits of the CAN Platform. However, if no LCO exists in your neighbourhood, talk to other community members, and start one. You will find in the CAN Resources section a step-by-step guide on how to start an LCO.

I represent a poor community that would like to use the platform. Can we access it for free?

As part of our sustainability model we require community-based organisations registered with the CAN platform to a small percentage of their monthly membership collection to CAN. This nominal amount allows CAN employees to develop and improve its digital tools, resources, how to guides and much more, keeping the platform relevant at all times.

I wanted to register my community-based organisation with the platform, but I have found that someone has already done so. What do I do?

The registered organisation’s contact details are available on the community organisation’s website. Please contact the administrators of that organisation. If you require further help from the CAN-platform team, please Contact Us.