What is CAN

The Community Action Network (CAN), an initiative of the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), seeks to empower communities across South Africa in holding local government authorities to account.

This movement is geared towards any community association, be it a street committee, ratepayers association or community action group willing and eager to make a discernible impact on the community they serve.

There is no substitute for relentless community activism from submitting petitions, peaceful protest action to securing your neighbourhood’s safety and cleaning your local parks, but we believe that by being part of a wider network, communities can learn from each other, lean on another for help and act together on matters of mutual interest.

The CAN Team will play a significant role in helping coordinate these divergent wants and needs by providing a forum for frank and open discussion, hosting webinars on subjects that empower and enlighten and organising network sessions where ideas can be shared.

What can CAN do for my community?

  • We have launched an online forum where we encourage communities to ask and answer any question concerning local government. This is free and open to anyone willing to join the conversation. Register and join here.
  • Our website also contains various resources and is updated with new content every month tackling a range of topics from how to lodge a bill dispute with your municipality to understanding municipal budgets.
  • You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter at can.org.za.
  • In 2024 we will commit to help any community campaign against excessive municipal valuation increases. If your municipality has recently finalised a General Valuation Roll that is now open for public comment, let us know and let’s see where we can help. Contact Us if a GVR is in process in your municipality.
  • We pledge to help any community association that is stable but in need of improving its fundraising mechanisms. Using OUTA’s expertise in this area, we have developed a number of strategies that we are willing to share. Get in touch. Let’s hear your story. Email us at info@can.org.za.

How do we join CAN?

Individuals and communities can either become supporters or affiliates of the CAN initiative. To find out more visit our Join CAN page.

Want to know more? Why not email us at info@can.org.za or visit our Contact us page and drop us a message. Our team will get back to you.