We can learn from each other

In the webinars below we have thought-provoking discussions with community leaders and professionals tackling the issues facing communities today. Explore, learn and share. If you have any webinar suggestions email us at info@can.org.za.


Workshop: IDP and Municipal Budgeting: What you need to know. 

CAN Workshop Series, Episode 2.

Join the Community Action Network (CAN) team and our special guests for an informative workshop delving in the municipal budget and Integrated Development Plan public participation process. We unpack how communities can become more involved in the process by learning where to look and what questions to ask. To access our resources on this subject, select the button below. 



What does it take to dissolve a municipal council? 

CAN co-governance series, Episode 2.

In Episode 2 of our Co-governance series we delve into the intricate process of dissolving a municipal council. When service delivery falters, communities often seek solutions like placing the municipality under administration or advocating for new elections. In a groundbreaking turn of events, residents of Makhanda in the Eastern Cape achieved a milestone victory in court, leading to the dissolution of their municipal council. Watch now.

Workshop: How to start a resident association 

CAN Workshop Series, Episode 1.

Active citizenry starts with organised community organisations. To be recognised, build membership, and effectively demand accountability there is some admin. Join us to hear about the governance options available to you to start a resident’s association, manage your association and increase revenue. We will talk about growing the resources of local community organisations from volunteers to funding and networks. To access our resources on this subject, select the button. 



GVR – Why having your voice heard matters.

General Valuation Rolls play a pivotal role in determining property taxes, directly impacting property owners and tenants alike. Every Rand assigned to the total value of your property by your municipality influences your monthly rates bill. Failure to engage in this process could lead to unwarranted increases, adversely affecting your cash flow. Multiple municipalities across the country will be opening their general valuation rolls to public scrutiny between now and June 2024 in order to finalise their 2024/ budgets. CAN is tracking in real-time. To access our resources on this subject, select the button below. 



Community wins & ways – Lessons of active citizenry.

CAN co-governance series, Episode 1.

In this inaugural webinar we will hear from Yunus Chamda of Action for Accountability, and Danyle Nunes of Creass Community Services and the Melville Security Initiative, who will share their firsthand experiences and innovative strategies for driving positive change at the grassroots level. From navigating partnerships with local authorities to mobilising resources for sustainable initiatives, our speakers offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of co-governance in urban settings.

Watch this thought-provoking webinar, “What can be done to fix the City of Johannesburg” hosted by JoburgCAN and facilitated by Wayne Duvenage. In this insightful session, we bring together renowned speakers Julius Kleynhans from JoburgCAN and Neeshan Balton from Ahmed Kathrada Foundation to explore the challenges faced by the City of Johannesburg, and most importantly, to find collaborative solutions that empower communities and hold the City accountable.