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Municipal Matters: The political leadership structure explained

Once all the votes have been verified after each local government election, the next decision [...]

Municipal Matters: Categories of municipalities explained

South Africa is a constitutional democracy with a three-tiered system of government (national, provincial and [...]

Municipal Matters: What is a SDBIP?

The Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan details the implementation of service delivery and the [...]

Municipal Matters: What is the role of a municipal manager?

Municipal managers are barred from holding political office and are expected to be apolitical individuals. [...]

Municipal Matters: The IDP and public participation

An IDP Representative Forum, or key stakeholders, should be established to encourage the participation of [...]

Municipal Matters: What is an IDP?

The IDP is a diverse document that must help remove the legacy of apartheid and [...]

Municipal Matters: The 5 Steps of an IDP

The process undertaken to produce the IDP consists of 5 steps: Step 1 – Analysis [...]

Municipal Matters: 6 steps a municipality must follow in preparing the budget

At least 10 months before the start of the budget year, a schedule must be [...]

Municipal Matters: Tariffs and services explained

It is a key objective of the municipality to make sure it has a funded [...]

Municipal Matters: Municipal budgets – What you need to know

Budgets are financial plans for the upcoming year that show the forecasted expenditure and income [...]