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Campaigning is a vital activity for local community organisations to drive change. Learn the benefits

How to use petitions to inform the council and engage the community. Find out more

The Act was designed to promote transparency, openness, and public participation. More details

Check out the following resource we discuss the benefits of community activation and methods to engage and involve community members. Learn more

Here we provide strategies for LCOs to undertake effective fundraising to support community activities. Read more

In this resource we outline the different legal structures for non-profits in South Africa, including trusts, voluntary associations, and non-profit companies. Types explained

Guides the process of registering as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) for non-profit entities. PBO registration

Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of key positions in non-profit organizations. Roles explained

In this resource we discuss the benefits of monthly membership models, including steady income and improved member engagement. Learn the benefits

Here are six steps to creating a successful membership model and once you’ve mastered this your organisation is positioned to flourish. Membership tips

Emphasizes the importance of community involvement in local government for effective service delivery and governance. Read about it

Municipalities are generally divided into two governance types – the mayoral executive system and the collective executive system. Find out more

Councillors provide the critical political link between the executive mayor or executive committee and the community. More details


A ward committee may make recommendations on any matter affecting its ward to the ward councillor, or through the ward councillor to the municipal council, the executive committee or support committee. Learn more

All law impacts local government but there are some pieces of legislation that make specific reference to local government.  Read more

Establishing an organisation involves choosing the right structure and completing initial steps. [Starting guide]

This resource explains what founding documents are.  Learn about founding documents

Demarcation ensures fair representation and resource allocation within municipalities. Understand demarcation

Bylaws are local regulations enforced by municipalities to ensure order. Bylaw guide

Municipal budgets consist of capital and operating expenses, with various sources of income. Budget overview

Municipalities set tariffs for services like water, electricity, and sanitation to ensure funded budgets. Read about tariffs

Municipalities must follow six procedural steps to prepare their budgets, starting ten months before the fiscal year. Find out more

Creating an IDP involves five steps: analysis, strategies, projects, integration, and approval. More details

The IDP is a tool to remove apartheid’s legacy, requiring comprehensive, community-driven planning. Learn more

The IDP Representative Forum ensures community participation and effective communication in municipal planning. Read more

SDBIP outlines how municipalities implement budgets and deliver services. More on SDBIP

South Africa has metropolitan, district, and local municipalities categorised by population and economy. Read about it

Once all the votes have been verified after each local government election, the next decision is to elect the political leadership. Learn more

Municipal Managers are apolitical administrators responsible for municipal operations. Role details

Dispute incorrect utility bills with municipalities through a formal process. Steps to take

General Valuation Rolls are crucial for property assessments and municipal taxations. Read about GVR

General valuation rolls occur regularly. There are ways and means of contesting a valuation roll Find out more.

Use Section 78 queries to address mis-valuations between general valuation rolls. More details