What is a Local Community Organisation (LCO)?

An LCO is a community-based organisation that represents the needs of a particular geographically based community. Such organisations are commonly referred to resident and ratepayer associations, business forums or specific interest groups such as conservancies.

I want my LCO to join CAN. What must I do?

We encourage you to inform your local community organisation about the Community Action Network and persuade them to take a decision to join. An LCO member should then visit https://can.org.za/contact/ and complete the form and then we will be in touch.

What does it cost to join CAN?

We are a crowd-funded organisation and require all affiliate organisations to make a monthly sustainability contribution to CAN. We use these funds to develop additional resources to empower you further and provide you with greater support. The contribution is discussed on an association-by-association basis but is generally calculated at 10% of the monthly donations your organisation receives.

I represent a financially struggling community. Many are unemployed and/or rely on state grants. We are interested in joining CAN. What must we do?

We are open all communities joining CAN and each community organisation is assessed on its own merits. Visit https://can.org.za/contact/ and complete the form.

Can I join CAN in my personal capacity?

For now, we are focusing on helping community organisations. However, CAN is an initiative of Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA). OUTA accepts donations from both companies and individuals and issues the donors with a tax-deductible Section 18A Certificate. To find out more visit https://www.outa.co.za/joinnow